Friday, 25 January 2013

NEW Scotty Track and Gear-Head Track Adapter

We are super excited to introduce 2 new products that go hand in hand this Winter/Spring 2013!

The 438 Scotty Gear-Head Track Adapter quickly slides into place and locks down your post mounted Scotty rod holders and accessories.

Similar to the revolutionary Scotty 428 Gear-Head Mount, this system allows you to quickly change rod holder positions with a simple “twist”.

You can use your favorite, fully adjustable Scotty rod holder and move it to any vertical or horizontal position without having to drill permanent mounting holes. Designed to fit all kayak track systems including our very own Scotty Track, this compact product is a must for all serious kayak anglers!

So you've decked out your kayak in Scotty gear, and now you can even apply various lengths of Scotty Track to your set up! Scotty Track can be easily mounted, and enables you to slide your gear effortlessly across the side of your kayak with the help of our 438 Gear-Head Track Adapter (438 and rod holder sold separately.)

When fishing from a kayak, it is important to be comfortable when maneuvering around your watercraft, trolling, and when fighting that fish of a lifetime.

"Honestly, this product just makes so much sense... It's simple to install, works great with our 438 and interchangeable rod holders or accessories. You can set up your favorite rod holder, camera mount or other accessory anywhere along the track, and literally swap it all around on the fly when your out on the water. Seamlessly."  - Alex

Offered in three different lengths, 8", 16", and 24" for custom fit and use. (Hardware fixtures not included.)

No. 439BK-8 Scotty Slide Track (8 inch)
No. 439BK-16 Scotty Slide Track (16 inch)
No. 439BK-24 Scotty Slide Track (24 inch)                            

So gear up with us this Spring, and get out there!

Happy fishing!  <*((((>{

Friday, 4 January 2013

2013 - Make it your best and gear up with us!

A new year is upon us, and Scotty is here to help make this your best fishing year yet!

Whether you are gearing up again for another successful season, or just getting into the whole fishing scene, we are here to help you with all of your gear and terminal tackle needs.

Many of you will be adding some new fishing accessories to make your setup more "ideal", or perhaps just taking the time to clean and perform maintenance for ultimate efficiency... Taking the time to "winterize" your gear so it's ready for the spring season ahead.

Have you just been getting into fishing and are thinking about acquiring your very own downrigger(s) or gear?

Scotty Downriggers are by far the easiest to use on the market. Our included Lifetime Warranty gives you the confidence in knowing that we're here to make your trips out on the water successful,  year after year.

There's nothing to loose with Scotty, but you will gain a fishing partner for life.

It's a great idea when deciding which downrigger is right for you, to ask some of our fishing buds what they think would be a suitable match for your fishing intentions, budget and boat... 

If you have decided to get into this sport and don't feel like you have a lot of outside support, don't worry because we are here to help get you out on the water fishing in no time! Our Scotty Service Department can conveniently answer any of your gear questions, plus our registered Repair Depots make maintenance and line/cable changes a breeze. 

To view our entire Scotty Downrigger Lineup click << HERE >>

From all of us here at Scotty, we would like to thank you for your continued support. We encourage you to connect with us on our Scotty Facebook,  Twitter and YouTube sites to be part of our online fishing community! Share your opinions, experiences and pictures with us and fellow anglers from around the globe!

Oh, and did I mention great Product Prize Giveaways!!!

Here's to a great 2013 Fishing Year ahead!  <*((((>{

Happy Fishing,

Alexandra Scott
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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year Fishing Friends!

Happy New Year to our amazing customers!  <*(((>{

Your support is greatly appreciated! From everyone here at Scotty Fishing & Outdoor Products we would like to wish you a successful, safe and exciting new fishing year ahead! Happy New Year!!!!