Monday, 27 August 2012

NEW Slip Discs & Offset Gears - Fall 2012

Product Shot taken by Mike Zilkowsky

Something that a ton of kayak anglers are anxiously waiting for are the new 415 Slip Discs and 414 Offset Gears due out into the market this Fall 2012.

One thing when fishing from a kayak that is extremely important, is to be comfortable... Scotty makes numerous fishing products that do just that.

From our Scotty Stabilizers/Pontoons, to our new Slip Discs and Offset Gears, we are constantly trying to come out with products that help us out on the water, so you can fight the fish and not the fishing gear...

"The 415 Scotty Slip Discs allow you to make micro adjustments to your rod holder or any of our Scotty Rod Holder Height Extenders. These discs when placed between the rod holder post and Scotty Rod Holder, allow you to obtain infinite adjustment angles. Now you can adjust your rod holder to that perfect fish fighting position!"

"The 414 Scotty Offset Gear doubles your rod holder positions for ultimate versatility. Simply place a gear between the rod holder post and your Scotty Rod Holder, adjusting your desired angle of the rod holder before fastening the bolt tight."

> Scotty Pro Staffer, Mike shows us how he has rigged his personal kayak and talks a little bit about the Slip Disc prototypes he has been using...

> Kayak guru Jim Sammons, check out our booth at ICAST 2012 and talks new products including the Slip Discs with sales rep Ryan Emile... 

To check out all of our latest NEW and upcoming products, be sure to check out and for details!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Jim's Kayak Fishing Tips: Kayak Stabilizers

"With his trademark hat and his numerous special appearances on a variety of national fishing shows, Jim has become the most recognizable kayak angler in North America. But it's his infectious enthusiasm for the sport, his lively personality and his passion for sharing the sport with others which has made him the most well known kayak angler in the world, and an ideal host of The Kayak Fishing Show and Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge."

Jim Sammons shows us just how handy our Scotty 302 Kayak Stabilizers really are when fishing from a great paddling kayak. Quite often kayak anglers like to stand while fishing from their kayak to help with visibility, and move more freely when casting, and fighting the fish. 

"When rigging your kayak, everything should be accessible but out of the way. You want to be able to reach your fish finder and rod holders but you don’t want them interfering with paddling, moving around your kayak or landing fish... 
Always rig your kayak with Scotty rod holders, they make them for every style of fishing and are, simply put, the best rod holders available for your kayak."  - Jim

> For more great fishing advice with Jim Sammons, check out his Fishing Tips page and follow his adventures with Kayak Fishing Tales. 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

BC Fishing Weekend: Scotty Graphic Girls

Scotty Graphic Girls, Alex Scott and Gen Primeau had a great fishing weekend a few weeks ago with the help of WFN Ambassador Rick Clark, Bon Chovy Fishing Charters, Prestige Sport Fishing, and Fred's Custom Tackle.

Gen managed to land a beautiful Coho just off West Vancouver with Jason from Bon Chovy, and Alex caught her first young and feisty Sturgeon with Mike from Prestige Sport Fishing on the Fraser River.

WFN Ambassador, Rick is quite the blogger. After writing up his latest blog about the weekends events, we were excited to see that his post had made the WFN homepage!

Both Gen and I would like to thank everyone again for such a great fishing weekend in beautiful Vancouver. We took some great pictures, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone one out on the water early Saturday morning, with Scotty gear to boot!

> Click here to read more about our BC Fishing Weekend!

-  Alexandra Scott
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Monday, 20 August 2012

Hot Summer Giveaway!

Have you entered to win a new 2101 HP Downrigger yet? 

There's still time to post up your favorite fishing photo via Twitter or Instagram for your chance to win! Include the hash tag #ScottySummer and instantly be entered!

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