Wednesday, 23 March 2016

No drilling, no problem! - Scotty Stick-On / Clamp-On Mounts have got you covered!

We all know that it can sometimes be dis-heartening to drill holes in a brand new boat. Perhaps you don't know how long you will keep that watercraft, want a particular fishing setup or perhaps you're interested in keeping it clean and clear when transporting...

With our Scotty Clamp-on and Stick-on Mounts, we have helped to alleviate some "boat hole" anxiety, helping you get out there on the water fishing with the right gear to do the job.  ;)

These following options are great non-permanent choices for our Rod Holders, Camera Mount, Bait Board and Scotty Accessories that can easily attach to your boat for a successful fishing season.

1.) 449 Portable Clamp Mount

This is a fully portable mounting option for all Scotty rod holders, with a No. 241 Combination Side/Deck Mount. Made from super tough, reinforced engineering grade nylon. Easily drop in any Scotty post mount accessory. 

Maximum opening 2”. Fasteners included.

2.) 2028 / 2029 Big Game Gimbal Mount

Scotty’s new heavy duty stainless steel Big Game Gimbal Mount Rod Holder works in conjunction with flush mount gimbal rod holders. Its made from heavy duty polished 304 stainless steel tubing and comes equipped with our locking #241 mount. Allowing you to fish your rod with any Scotty post mount rod holder quickly and easily at multiple angles. A great non-permanent solution with no drilling or permanent mounts required on your boat. 

Offered in 2 sizes:
2028 1-1/2” dia tube by 9” in length
2029 1-3/4” dia tube by 12” in length.

3.) No. 448 3" Stick-On Accessory Mount w/ Gear-Head
(Shown with Bait Board - not included)

Pair with all Scotty post mount accessories. Position your rod holder or Scotty accessory virtually anywhere on your SUP or flush kayak/boat surface. The attached Gear-Head mount allows you to quickly change rod holder positions with a simple twist. A non- permanent solution for mounting Scotty products to your watercraft and getting you out there!

When using rod holders with this mount, be sure to use them for storage purposes only.

- Comes with 3MTM VHBTM Tape.

4.) No. 423 Downrigger Rod Holder Adapter

Turn your downrigger mount into a rod holder mount with our new 423 Downrigger Rod Holder Adapter. In combination with a 241 or 241L Mount, easily place the adapter on top of your 1023 Tilt-up Mounting Bracket, and select your favourite rod holder and you’re ready to go. Built to last with rugged engineering grade nylon. 
* 241L Combination Side/Deck Mount, 1023 Tilt-Up Mounting Bracket, 1026 Swivel Mount and 400 Orca Rod Holder not included.

5.) No. 433 Coaming/Gunnel Clamp Mount 

Position your rod holder or Scotty accessory virtually anywhere on the lip of your kayak's coaming. Built tough from rugged engineering grade nylon, the 433 revolutionizes the way your can fish from your sit-in kayak. The attached Gear-Head Mount allows you to quickly change rod holder positions with a simple twist. Easily fasten the 433, drop and lock your favourite Scotty Rod Holder or accessory and start fishing! A non-permanent solution for mounting fishing gear to your watercraft and getting you out there!

6.) No. 248 Oar Lock Mount

Excellent for row boats. Use the oarlock socket on your small boat to mount a Scotty Rod Holder, Camera Mount, Cup Holder or Lake Troller Downrigger. 
Install or remove in seconds!

7.) No. 442 Cup Holder Button w/3" Stick-On Accessory Mount

The Scotty Cup Holder Button works in conjunction with the 310 and 311 Cup Holder. Now you can attach a cup holder to your SUP of Kayak's flat surface with a non-permanent mounting solution.
- Comes with 3MTM VHBTM Tape.

8.) No. 1028 Gimbal Mount
(Gimbal Mount Shown with No. 1023 Tilt-up Mounting Bracket - not included)
Fits all Scotty downriggers and can be used with No. 1026 Pedestal Swivel Mount
Fits into a boat’s flush mount rod holder. Eliminates drilling holes and permanent mounting of downrigger brackets on boat. Made from welded stainless steel and modified nylon for the ultimate in strength and durability. For use with flush mount rod holders only. Has a 30 degree angle. (Please Note: In order to mount a No. 1026 Pedestal Swivel Mount onto a No. 1028 Gimbal Mount, you must first mount a No. 1036 Mounting Plate.)
Dimensions: 6 1/8” x 7 1/8” x 9” x 1 1/2”

9.) No. 2027 Stanchion Mount

The Scotty Stanchion Mount enables you to quickly mount a downrigger to your boats’ railing stanchion for extra strength and stability.

Complete with stainless steel mounting knobs for easy mounting and ultimate portability makes this product a great option. Now there’s no need to drill holes to permanently mount fixtures.

The 2027 also accepts the Scotty 1026 Swivel Mount and 1010 Compact Mount directly onto the top plate, and is compatible with all Scotty® downriggers (except Laketrollers.) 

* NOTE * The Scotty 2027 accommodates stanchion tube angles between 50 - 90 degrees.

10.) No. 1027 Rail Mount
Fits up to 1 1/2” round rail, or oval-shaped wooden rails. Easily installed and removed for storage, wooden board (not included) transfers the downward pressure to the boat gunnel.
Fits all Scotty downriggers and can be used with No. 1026 Pedestal Swivel Mount.

Dimensions: 6 1/8” x 7 1/8”

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

2016 Scotty Fishing Photo Contest for Website!

Would you love to see your great fishing photo be up on our web site and be seen all over the world? Scotty is currently seeking great new images for our homepage! 

Photos must be hi-resolution (taken with a camera or high pixel quality smart-phone) and can be submitted via email to  - One or a few lucky winners will be contacted accordingly for image consent and will also be sent an awesome custom Scotty Rod Holder prize pack! Not to mention be possibly featured on our website home page!

Photo Criteria:

  • Highest resolution of image possible. 1800-2000 pixels or greater. 
  • Great action shot of your Scotty Gear in use or you fishing with Scotty gear. 
  • Sunsets, sunrises, interesting scenery and engaging photo capture desired.
  • Multi species photos encouraged. Salmon, Sturgeon, Musky, Pike, Trout, Steelhead, Walleye etc. 

Deadline for photo submissions (to be entered into prize draw) via email is March 15th, 2016. However, we are always looking for great photos, so be sure to send them in even if it is slightly after this date. We look forward to seeing your great fishing pics and good luck to everyone!