Tuesday, 11 April 2017

SNEAK PEEK: New Scotty Ball Mounting Systems!

The new Ball Mounting System provides a platform for a variety of Scotty Accessories, such as our Camera Mount, Cup Holder, and Sounder Mounts.

The ball joint design enables a smooth and full range of motion, allowing for infinite adjustments of both the system and desired added accessory.

The corrosion proof construction of this system provides a long service life in both fresh and
salt water.

No. 150
Ball Mounting System with 2 ¼" square bases, stands 6¾" tall.  

No. 151

Ball Mounting System with Gear-Head and 1" low profile track, stands 9" tall. 

No. 152
Ball Mounting System with Gear-Head and Side/Deck mount, stands 10 ¾" tall. 

These new items are launching in Summer 2017, so keep an eye out and gear up with Scotty at a dealer nearest you
~ Rock the official hashtag #TheWayToFish all year long! ~ 
Are you a Scotty Dealer that wants to carry these items? Give us a shout at 1-800-214-0141 for details or talk to your representative today!