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SNEAK PEEK: New Scotty Products Coming Soon!

We make fishing and outdoor gear with YOU in mind!

We are always coming up with new gear here at Scotty Fishing & Outdoor Products. From sport fishing to kayak fishing, we do our best to design and produce innovative products that will make your fishing experience truly better.

Since 1952, Scotty has been manufacturing and assembling products in little Sidney, BC Canada. The total commitment to quality, fair pricing and unmatched service means our customers everywhere can expect reliability and satisfaction from every product that carries the Scotty name.

So let's get out there and fight some fish, and not the fishing gear... Choose products that are built to last, and built to work. You can always trust Scotty: The Way To Fish! 


200lb. test - Low Drag Microfilament Premium Power Braid Downrigger Line

No. 2700K - 200ft 
No. 2701K - 300ft
No. 2702K - 400ft

Scotty® Premium 200 lb. test Power Braid is our latest high tech, low drag, black microfilament braided downrigger line. This custom manufactured braid offers the ultimate in strength, consistency and durability. The use of braided downrigger line helps combat electrolysis around your fishing gear and outlasts stainless steel cable. No crimps required! 

No. 1158   Depthpower Downrigger Accessory Kit
No. 1159   High Performance Downrigger Accessory Kit

The Scotty® Downrigger Kits contain essential replacement and repair items to “keep you fishing” when using Scotty® downriggers. These accessories fit conveniently in a 1 L Watertight Emergency Container and include:

1 x Single Drive Belt for Depthpower Downriggers (only in No. 1158 Kit)
1 x Single Drive Belt for High Performance Downriggers (only in No. 1159 Kit)
1 x Snubber
2 x Soft Stop Bumpers
2 x Large Coastlock Snaps
4 x Stopper Beads for Stainless Steel Line
4 x Stopper Beads for Braided Line
1 x Mounting Knob ( for Downrigger Swivel Mounts and Rod Holders)

1 x Scotty Decal

No. 374   Sure Stop Downrigger Stopper Kit

The Scotty® Sure Stop Terminal Kit comes complete with over 7 feet of custom 240lb. test black nylon seine twine, a heavy duty in-line swivel and a heavy duty coast lock terminal end. You attach your downrigger line directly to the heavy duty swivel and the swivel itself becomes the stopper bead for the auto stop on the downrigger. The Scotty® Sure Stop Terminal Kit works extremely well when using braided downrigger line and ensures that your downrigger ball will stop short of the pulley...every time. This product is a must for the serious downrigger fisherman.

No. 426   Side Slide Track Adapter

The Scotty® Side Slide Track Adapter is a quick, effective means of firmly locking down your post mounted Scotty® rod holders and accessories when track is mounted on its side as opposed to being top mounted. The adaptor easily slides into place and utilizes the revolutionary Scotty® Gear-Head technology, allowing you to quickly change rod holder positions with a simple “twist”. You can use your favorite, fully adjustable Scotty® rod holder or accessory and adjust it to any vertical or horizontal position without having to drill permanent mounting holes. Designed to fit Scotty® Track, and most other small track systems, this product is a must for serious anglers.

( Shown with Scotty Track and Baitcaster
Rod Holder. All products are sold separately.)

No. 368   Sounder Mount
The new Scotty® Universal Sounder Mount uses a new multi pattern universal top plate and the patented Scotty® post mount design for quick removal and infinitely adjustable rotation. Simply fasten your sounder bracket to the top plate, then lock down the sounder mount into your favorite Scotty® mounting system. Locked, loaded and ready to start catching fish!

( Shown with Scotty Combination Side/Deck Mount, and
Fish Sounder. All products are sold separately.)

Well Nuts

No. 133-4 No. 133-16 No. 133-100

Securely fasten a multitude of products onto thin walled structures with ease! Well Nuts work by expanding inside a pre-drilled hole, securely anchoring whatever it is you need to mount. These high tech, neoprene mounting nuts effectively seal out dirt and grime at the assembly joint and are great for mounting Scotty® products onto kayaks. Scotty® Well Nuts are available in 4, 16, or 100 pack options. Fasteners included.

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