Thursday, 13 June 2013

For the dad that loves to fish... as much as we do!

Father's Day is right around the corner! 

Stumped on gift ideas for that awesome dad of yours? Does he like to fish?! If so, then we've got some great Father's Day gifts for that marvellous man in your life!  

*WARNING: These gift ideas will produce extreme gratification, and we warn the "gifter" of tight hugs and loud "thank-you's" in advance. Scotty is also not to be held responsible for the absence of any husbands, dads, or grandfathers who will be "MIA" and out fishing until dark during these next few months ahead.*  ;)

~ Dad on the Fly ~

Our 265 Fly Rod Holder comes complete with a 241 Combination Side/Deck Mount and can be mounted to a kayak or small watercraft. Great for Rod and Reel storage, or hands free trolling! 

~ Sportfishin' Dad ~

Our Scotty Aluminum Landing Nets have unsurpassed quality! Their aluminum alloy handle and hoop with tough corrosion-resistant finish make the net extremely durable and strong. Guaranteed quality, complete with a 5 year warranty! Available with 4ft or 6ft handles. 

Our 3015 Electric Downrigger Cover is a great addition to any dad's downrigger and fishing collection. This durable cover helps protect the downrigger from the harsh elements and keeps them looking like new! 

~ Pro Paddler Dad ~

Our new Scotty Slide Track is a great addition to any small watercraft. Mount it to your tin boat or kayak and easily slide on your favorite rod holders or accessories using our revolutionary 438 Gear-Head Track Adapter! Depending on the type of fishing dad's doing, these products offer versatility for multi-species angling.  

Our 480 Rocket Launcher Rod Holder w/ Gimbal Adapter is a perfect option for rod storage on a kayak with built in Gimbal Rod Holders. This product helps to elevate dad's expensive rod/reel setup up off of the water line, for added security and adjustability. 

Happy fishing everyone, and we hope all you great dad's out there have a wonderful Father's Day weekend! See you on the water!  <*((((>{

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